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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-22


Today was May's free co-working day for Redhill Micropreneurs, kindly hosted by Regus in their Kingsgate building.

It was a really good day, great turn out and some excellent conversations; I even got some work done too.

I ran another lunch time show and tell session in which we heard from:

  • Jonathan, who's been a Redhill Micropreneur for years and is now also a local councillor. He's wanting to bring more listening to the council so please do let him know if you have any suggestions.
  • Steve and Adria told us about how they accidentally decided to create a new board game with a few others from their CoTribe games events. They've already got a working prototype, tickets to a games expo in two weeks, and are eyeing up crowdfunding options.
  • This sparked an energetic explanation of transplant Jenga (which was great) from Malcolm and his request for any thoughts on how something as educational and entertaining could be done as a board game.

Meanwhile PaTMa's first (very limited) leaflet print run arrived at home. Printed by Jones Creative and designed by myself. I'm really pleased with them, especially considering the limitation of the designer!

Hopefully I'll get some feedback on them at a friendly networking event on Friday.

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