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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-21


Terrible level of concentration from me this morning. Accidentally swapping between tasks with alarming frequency.

I did manage to make some final fixes to my PaTMa leaflet and arrange for a very small initial print run. Also got a Redhill Micropreneurs email written and sent to remind people about tomorrow's co-working day; plus exchanged emails with a few people relating to plans for the day, investigated a server running out of disk space, dealt with a few other assorted emails, and started to put together my "holding deposit agreement" to cover what it is and the data collection around it.

The afternoon was slightly more focused; only involving an urgent (purchase stopping!) All Secure Domains bug fix, a little consultancy debugging, and mostly finishing off my holding deposit agreement, complete with GDPR mention!

A quick dinner, Brownies pick up, final touches to the deposit agreement and a visit to the hopeful tenants this evening.

Normal chores plus moral support to Liz while she worked on an amazing butterfly costume ready for the school fun run later in the week.

Lots done but a rather later than ideal bed time (gone midnight).

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