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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-14



Planned work for today was All Secure Domains development.

And it went well. So well in fact that the shiny new version of the domain and web hosting website is live!

Functionally this version is almost identical to the old one! Except for being faster, less demanding on the server and more mobile friendly. Also using Stripe instead of Paypal so should be a bit easier for customers and cheaper for me.

It may also still be broken in some minor ways! (Hence why I'm writing this at nearly 11pm - way past my bed time.) But nothing broken that I'm currently aware of at least.

With the new codebase I should be able to deliver a new feature or two each week (in my one ASD day) for a while now.

Unfortunately I did have to focus (ie ignore getting back to some consultancy customer enquiries) for quite a long day. Just over 11 hours recorded of, pretty much all, focussed development work today.

Too late to spend long writing this today, so this is it.


Mansion and an island for just £4 million, although it does remind me a bit of this murderous island.

Looking forward to trying this Ubuntu / Android integration soon.

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