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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-11


Day two of LTVConf.

Unrelated to the conference itself but my day could have started better - my train was delayed by 35 minutes, and I had to go to a different train station to catch it! I'd left some spare in my schedule though so still made it in time for pastries (ie a second breakfast!).

No HMRC webinar to try and watch in the middle today. Or server error emails to fix.

Generally surprised by the number of people using phones and laptops during all of the presentations though.

A super quick summary of the talks today:

  • Brennan Dunn - interesting ideas and stats on deep personalisation of content. I have far, far lower hanging fruit to sort out first though.
  • Melissa Morris - refreshingly "direct" speaker! ;-) Useful sounding content but again, a bit too early for me.
  • Wilco De Kreij - all about auto-webinaring your way to success, with a bit of Facebook ads thrown in.
  • Aleth Guegen - GDPR, as is traditional for GDPR talks I didn't agree with everything she said, but I think nearly all of it was sensible. Do feel sorry for her trying to hold the audience for that long talking about GDPR though!
  • Sherry Walling - fantastic twist on "Life" "Time" "Value" which resonated with me...

Also a great bonus gift for all attendees in the form of Sherry Walling's book, in actual dead tree format (sponsored by Bean Ninjas. I already have it in audio book form and at slightly over half way through, think it's well worth the read/listen. Despite not reading anything apart from children's books in years, I do like filling book cases. Hopefully Liz might be tempted to read this one at some point. Sherry's talk was one of my favourites too, so an excellent end to the conference.

Some good chatter in the bar afterwards.

Feeling a bit down that it's all finished. Probably half exhaustion from all the people contact though.

Disappointed in myself for not managing to speak to more people. As always, also would have liked to have said certain things to people that I thought of just after our conversation ended!

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