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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-10


Trying out commuting for today and tomorrow. Although it's about as easy a commute as available from Redhill - just a single train up to Blackfriars. :-)

The commuting is in honour of LTVConf.

As always, I found it difficult approaching people at the networking breakfast before things got started. The pastries were great though.

I last attended LTVConf two years ago and there were some features of that conference that I really liked and think are missing from this one... Circular tables for attendees while watching the talks and encouragement to move tables between talks mainly. Those two elements meant that I spoke to a lot of people during the day, without having to work out how to!

Instead talking to people today has largely relied on my own ability to approach others, which isn't as good.

I had to join an HMRC webinar (only available today or tomorrow!) towards the end of the first talk - I felt really bad, but I certainly wasn't the only one poking at a laptop.

Also had to take the morning break to fix a server error on PaTMa that a user had managed to trigger. I do like Django's built-in sending of "500" server errors by email (and yes, I deleted it afterwards for GDPR compliance!).

Lunch was included and tasty.

The talks I found thought provoking although probably not directly applicable for PaTMa at it's current stage.

Apparently the average time spent working on SaaS pricing is 15 hours in the lifetime of the company. Pretty sure I've spent longer than that just in the last couple of months. More to come too, really want work on finding some higher price points/features. Hence making fewer customers needed to reach a sustainable income.

I really liked the mix of presentations and on stage discussions. Personally enjoying the discussions a little more today.

The speakers today were:

  • Patrick Campbell
  • James Gill, Bridget Harris, Alexander Theuma
  • Laura Roader (with Thomas Smale)
  • Aaron Krall
  • Thomas Smale

I was a bit worried about needing to leave early, as I'm providing childcare cover this evening, but thankfully I didn't have to try and escape in the middle of anyone speaking. I just had to leave fairly promptly afterwards. Disappointed to be missing spending the evening with other attendees though.

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