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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-09


Far, far too much time spent reading emails and articles that span off from that, covering topics from property training scams through to compromised python libraries.

I did also look into DropzoneJS which was mentioned on the podcast I discovered a few days ago.

Also spent around an hour of the morning on consultancy projects - replying to questions and putting some updates live.

Planned work

The plan for today was All Secure Domains development work. I've been gradually working on a site re-write, moving from a Grails based site to a Django based one - for my preferred development environment and lighter weight deployment environment (away from Java and Tomcat).

I didn't set a specific progress target, but the next items on my to-do list are the various elements of the control panel (DNS management, email management, etc).

Now at the (slightly early, due to LTVConf getting started tonight) end of the day, I've completed the DNS management section of the control panel. It would have been nice to get further than that but at least the other sections should be faster now I've established some standard templates.

LTV Conf networking evening

Back from an evening of networking with SaaS people, and then doing my household chores for a while (robot vacuum cleaners rock!).

Some excellent conversations. A possible new marketing approach - it had been staring me in the face but took someone else to mention it for me to realise. Also several suggestions to increase my prices!

It wasn't a very business card-y event so unfortunately I now can't remember any names or businesses! Business cards might be a bit tacky at times but they really do serve a purpose.


Bed time (23:55).

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