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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-08


Finally dragged myself out of the house and walked into Kingsgate to work today - I'm going to the Redhill Business Guild meeting at the end of the day and thought it would be better to get the walking done before the day gets too hot!

Started the day with a bit of chatter to other people at Kingsgate and clearing the daily deluge of email, plus a bit of catching up on some older emails.


The main focus of the day is PaTMa marketing though.

I accidentally spent an hour or so writing code for PaTMa instead!

I did manage to get back on topic though and return to marketing in the end. I recently wrote a "process" for my PaTMa marketing days so this is what I was following...

I managed to write two blog posts today, but only one is live so far: use PaTMa to record mortgage details and save money with automatic fixed rate expiry emails.

Didn't get to sending any individual emails though and there are a few which are a bit overdue.

Despite some distraction and procrastination, I'm feeling fairly pleased with what I've accomplished today.

Slightly early finish today as I'm off to the Redhill Business Guild meeting.

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