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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-04


Started the day walking Edward to school, started rather late so it was a bit of a power walk - the best way to start the day, hot and sweaty!

Had a rental house viewing booked for the afternoon though so went there next to work in my "mobile office" (inflatable chair plus 4G mobile hotspot) for the day.


So started the working day (at 9:10am - school run is really early enough not to impact work start time too much) by spending a bit too long watching educational videos:

How great leaders inspire (the Why)

What's wrong with millenials

After that and my normal age dealing with my morning email (mostly automated stuff that just needs checking and deleting), I spent about an hour on ASD; finishing off the API migrations and automated tests plus filling in my accounts for April.

I took a short "break" to sort out my Photo Friday post (a view from the London Eye).

Feeling particularly tense today so decided to take 15 minutes out to meditate before lunch. Additional meditation of the day, beyond my regularly morning routine session. Didn't help that much though.

Somehow managed to consume an hour on lunch, more random email and reading the internet!

Following that my afternoon was a lot more productive with a good three hours of development effort on PaTMa (spent on a few minor bug fixes and work towards some customer suggested workflow improvements); plus the rental viewing.

Slightly early finish for a 25 minute walk home and treaty tea to celebrate Sophie's return from her school residential trip. :-)


Had to return to my desk this evening to put some consultancy client changes live and write this.

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