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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-03


RLA response to banning letting agent fees.

Tenant fees should definitely be displayed now, but I don't think that means they shouldn't also be banned. Not sure "the market" is managing to keep them to sensible levels on it's own.

Getting references is a vital process to help protect the landlord. Reasonable argument for this to be a tenant expense to avoid "frivilous" applications, but not sure if that would actually be a significant issue; especially when checks can start from around £20. The idea of a tenant reference passport that the tenant gets when starting to look for property is quite interesting, it can then be provided to any landlord to verify.

Today really hasn't gone according to plan at all.

50 minutes spent on things related to accounts for consultancy, nearly 2 hours on rental house bits (although at least a leaking sink is now fixed), 2 hours on consultancy work (that wasn't in the plan for today) and just over 2 hours on dealing with miscellaneous email (which I don't really have much to show for).

Just a few minutes left to finally try and get some PaTMa coding done, then it's dinner and out to the Redhill Micropreneurs social.

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