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Journal, ISO week 2018-W49

last week


I spent far too many hours getting better acquanted with SharePoint than I ever wanted to be.

How anyone has ever, never mind still, uses it I really don't know. Apparently it's entirely possible, even quite common (based on the number of web pages about it), to end up with a "folder" that actually has a different "URL" to it's "name". That manages to create a lot of confusion between API access and human access. Trying to convince SharePoint to change the URL hiding behind a name is also extremely hard - of three possible methods I found, only using SharePoint Designer would work.

While mentioning SharePoint Designer - when trying to "open" a SharePoint site, it helpfully presents a file selection dialog; without any hint that to access SharePoint Online (Office 365) you have to type the site URL into that f ile selection dialog!

Thankfully, all sorted in the end. I very much hope I don't have to think about SharePoint for a very long time.


Just to finish up my IKEA saga from last time - their third delivery (and collection) attempt managed to provide the final piece in intact form.


It's that time of year - the time of lovely, if not quite perfect, child provided singing and acting entertainments.

This week our youngest featured in his first school nativity play. He managed to stay on the stage, sing and join in with the actions - in fact he really looked like he was enjoying it, so a fantastic success. The show perhaps wasn't quite to the quality of the recent Thoroughly Modern Millie (it was pretty much professional), but it was none the less brilliant.


I might be able to count my cinema visits in the last ten years on one hand; I certainly can on two hands. So it was great to have a family cinema outing. We all went to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. It was good, a bit fun, a bit worrying, a bit sad and a bit happy. Unfortunately also a bit scary, at least for our youngest - perhaps we aren't quite at the stage of more family cinema visits yet!

Santa Run

The annual YMCA Santa Run in Reigate Priory Park took place and as we have for the last few years, we (well the children anyway) entered to 1 mile family run. This was a youngests second year and I'm pleased to report that he (running with Liz) improved on their result (they weren't last this year).

It was generally an improvement on last year - it wasn't raining, bitterly cold or blowing (as much of) a gale. Last year the tents had to start packing away before we finished the race because they couldn't actually keep the tents up against the wind!

Work Schedule

Scheduling of my working week slipped a little in recent weeks so I'm very pleased to report that this week has been a lot better. Generally, I've been able to concentrate on what was in my diary and make some decent progress. Some of that was still catching up with things, but at least I was able to build that into the plan and then largely stick to it.

Next week has a couple of big dents in it from the monthly mastermind group I attend and the Redhill Micropreneurs Christmas lunch. But it's all been planned at least, just hoping nothing unexpected jumps out.

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