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Journal, ISO week 2018-W41

last week

All Secure Domains

Having been working on lots of behind the scenes things like server upgrades and migrations over the last few weeks and months for All Secure Domains, this week I started rolling out DKIM signing of outbound email. This is currently only for customers who host DNS and email with ASD - the DNS records are automatically added to their zone files and outbound email is then appropriately signed.

Along with this came some improvements to the ASD control panel - automatically generated DNS records (which have been in place for years) are now shown in the control panel so it's a bit more obvious what's going on.

I've also added stricter SPF checks for received email, now if an email completely fails the SPF check it will be immediately rejected.


I made it along to Dorking Rugby Business Networking for the first time in a very long time to try out their updated networking format. The new structure allowed for some joint discussions of business challenges, from a few individuals and also as a general topic. It was an enjoyable and educational evening, although with a little less chance to actually network than there used to be. I do like that the organisers are experimenting to see if things can be improved.


I attend a monthly Product Group/Mastermind and this week the meeting included an SEO workshop which was brilliant. Plenty of reassurance that what I already thought I knew was actually true, bundled with practical tips and ideas that I'm looking forward to starting to implement.

Outside but no ferret racing

We all enjoyed a lovely trip to Coolings Green and Pleasant where the children got to run around for a while and hold an owl! Unfortunately the ferrets weren't racing today though, much to everyone's disappointment.

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