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Journal, ISO week 2018-W37

last week


The joy of Unicode with MySQL and Django - make sure you change at the table level, otherwise future column migrations will try to reset away from UTF8.

An interesting read on fork()-ing in Python and how it relates to multiprocess.Pool.

Since when could you get 14TB hard disks?!

Reading up on possible Python executable distribution file formats, of course remembering pyinstaller too.


How landlords can end a tenancy flow chart from OpenRent, although I'm not totally convinced by the simplicity or in fact all of their conclusions. Perhaps I'll try to make my own at some point.

Some good financial rules with a property theme but the principles apply to anything.

The Property Hub podcast this week is so good I've listened to it twice - it's full of fantastic productivity tips for anyone, not just property people.

Browser tabs clearing

I spent another couple of hours closing browser tabs! This time I start with 714, here are some of the interesting ones I closed:

Tab count when I stopped was down to 583.


This weekend, with the help of more skilful friends, I starting learning how to prepare and cook a roast dinner from scratch! Liz likes eating roast (as do I) but not cooking them, so I thought I'd try to. I've managed OK with pre-prepared cook-by-numbers type Christmas roasts from M&S and Sainsbury's for the last few years so I did already have experience with moving things into and out of the oven.

My (foolhardy) guide offered a menu of potential dishes to select a few from, so based purely on expected eating enjoyment I chose:

  • Roast chicken
  • Roast potatoes
  • Honey roasted parsnips
  • Cauliflower cheese
  • Braised red cabbage
  • Carrots

In hindsight I should have enquired about the relative complexity of preparing each dish before making such decisions!

However, thanks entirely the skill of my guide and a some extra help, the meal turned out fantastically. The children even ate some of it too. Although it was exhausting - cooking for three hours is really hard work.

Now I just need to remember enough to repeat it with less guidance. I think we may eat more boiled vegetables next time!

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