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Journal, ISO week 2018-W29

last week

Base rate going up in August?

Are there hints of a rate rise coming soon? It would fit fairly neatly with some of the predictions from the Landlord Investment show panel - where it was suggested that the base rate would reach 1% before March next year.

Another tab cull

Too. Many. Browser. Tabs.

Start count: 904

That last one is expecially exciting reading!

End count: 745 Closed tabs: 159 - I'm quite pleased with that. :-)

I revisited this topic later in the week and spent a few minutes looking for "easy targets" to close without needing to read or generally think too much. Just one notable link...

Now down to just 550 open tabs!

News / links during the week

Work / family balance

This week has seen an extended Scouts outing, a leavers assembly, and the end of the school year. My ability to flex my working schedule has meant I've been able to drive to, watch or be part of each of these important events. It's meant some short notice change of plans and much reduced working time this week but it really is the point of being self employed.


A visit to Wakehurst for a science festival - some excellent activities and there were many we didn't have time for too.

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