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Journal, ISO date 2018-05-16


Once upon a time I would upgrade to the latest Linux desktop on release day (or perhaps even earlier). Not any more. I started today by upgrading my primary machine to the latest Ubuntu - released three weeks ago! The upgrade ate a chunk of time as various applications I was trying to continue using (ie Thunderbird and Firefox) gave up functioning part way through, but the result seems to be good. I've switched to the new Gnome based Ubuntu experience to see how it goes (I'd got quite used to Unity). Li nux upgrades are generally more stable and reliable now than years ago, but I place a higher value now on having a machine that Just Works.

An interesting article on PropertyTribes his morning about the money spent with rogue landlords that points out the real problem is councils not enforcing the powers they already have to improve this. The PropertyTribes article suggests this is due to having nowhere else to put tenants and the original article suggests it's because councils don't have the budgets available to fund enforcement. Either way, the answer probably isn't going to be stricter rules, but something really should be done.

My daily property asking price change email from PaTMa informed me that a house for sale in Horley has had the asking price increased - I haven't seen that in a very long while.

All Secure Domains

Inevitably, after my excitement about getting the updated website live for my domain hosting company a few issues and minor missed features have started to show up. So I spent a while today attending to those and along the way got a bit distracted with adding a few small features that have been long overdue (like support for dynamically updatable, via API, TXT records).

Redhill Micropreneurs

James requested (an overdue thanks to me) addition to the Micropreneur friends page - which I did, but now I realise the page could do with some styling tidy-ups too!

Random reading

It looks like we're neglecting renewable energy at the moment.


I was hoping to make it along to the CoTribe games, nibbles and networking lunch event today. Unfortunately the urgent fixes for All Secure Domains weren't finished in time to make it.

I'm generally finding it hard to fit in commute time to either CoTribe or Kingsgate at the moment. Thankfully though I'm also managing to concentrate a bit better at home as well.

I'm badly behind with email replies at the moment. I think I'll need to dedicate a chunk of tomorrow to catching up a bit (not my original plan).

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