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Property and Tenant Manager launching and writing

Earlier this year I finally, fully launched my Property and Tenant Manager product. That isn't to say it's "finished" (I don't think software ever is), PaTMa is still gaining improvements and features every week. However it is very much ready for use.

What is PaTMa?

PaTMa is software as a service for landlords, agents and buy-to-let investors who want a simpler, better life. There are two key areas that PaTMa can help improve...

Making better purchases

After entering basic criteria (available cash, mortgage rate, LTV, rental cover, etc), you can record the details of each property being considered for purchase. The system will calculate the details and provide a revenue/profit forecast (including the coming tax changes) and yield. These can then be easily viewed and used to sort and compare properties. There's also a free buy-to-let profit calculator that provides a simplified single-property version.

Tracking let properties

This can be used by self managing landlords or agents and allows for tracking most things related to letting residential properties (tenancies, tenants, inventories, safety certificates, rent, mortgages, maintenance, etc). The system acts as a central repository to keep all the information easily available, tracks financial details and provides automatic reminders (eg for safety certificate renewals).

Free Tools

You can get started with PaTMa by creating a free account to try out basic features.

But there are also two specific calculator tools that are totally free to use: the buy-to-let profit calculator and the buy-to-let re-mortgage calculator.

More Writing

Since launching PaTMa I've been spending a lot of my time writing (hopefully) useful content for the Property and Tenant Manager Blog, some quick highlights so far are:

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