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First Grails 3 pre-release

The first Grails 3 pre-release went live a few days ago.

Soon after I updated my super simple grails download and launch script (on github) with the new download locations and other small tweaks for Grails 3 support. Grab the updated script from github then try out Grails 3 with:

grails 3.0.0.M1 create-app my-test-app

Grails 3 comes with a lot of big changes, including lots of improvements to testing, test run speeds and general startup speed. Check out the preview video for more new features. I'm really hoping that these improvements might be able to improve the score I recently gave Grails.

There is also a write up about using the excellent asset-pipeline plugins with Grails 3.

Unfortunately my first attempt at running Grails 3 managed to hit a Gradle bug that stops it working if your /tmp is mounted with noexec. It seems the suggested work-arounds to get Gradle to use a different temp directory no longer work, so the only solution I found was to temporarily remount /tmp with exec permissions:

sudo mount /tmp -o remount,exec
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