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Design a Formula 1 Helmet

One of the projects that has been filling, a little too much at times, my recent non-parenting hours is now accepting entries.

The site is an addition to the Infiniti Formula 1 press site to provide competitions for people to design Formula 1 helmets (or a small non-advertiser section of them) that Sebastian Vettel will wear later in the season.

If you think you'd make a good Formula 1 helmet designer then Infiniti are running a specific US competition plus a different one for everyone else.

Infiniti GP competition homepage

The site was written using Grails and is generally pretty standard stuff with just a little bit of image processing on uploads and within the competition admin system. However there is one much more interesting area of the site, namely an online (Javascript powered) image editor.

Infiniti GP competition javascript image editor

The javascript image editor is a customised version of the excellent SkyBrush editor. Although it took some changes to get it working the way we needed the basic integration went well and I think the editing features provided are excellent.

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