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Obligatory snow post

Two days ago, just after dark it started to snow. Pretty soon, merely a few hours later in fact, the road outside looked like this...


It's times like that when I'm very please I mostly work from home and hence have no concerns about about having to make a difficult journey through the snow in the morning.

However, it's times like that when I'm a little disappointed that I'll have no excuse to take a day off from work!

Although as it happened I didn't manage to get a lot of work done yesterday. Edward woke up and was promptly sick! This continued every time he had anything to eat throughout yesterday (thankfully he seems to be getting better today). Plus Sophie seems to have her first cold and would only settle when being held and walked around.

So not much work got done and there was no playing in the snow! :-(

Supposedly we were going to get another foot of snow overnight, but none arrived and what was on the ground is now melting quite rapidly. I guess the snowman will have to wait for another time.

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