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New home, finally

It was over a year ago that we put down the first holding deposit for a new home. At that point is was nothing more than a fenced off muddy bit at the back of the development.

Since then we've watched it grow steadily, if rather slowly...

July 2007:


September 2007:

Ground floor

October 2007:

Some walls

February 2008:


March 2008:


April 2008:


June 2008:

Stairs and walls

July 2008 (less than 4 weeks to completion):

1 bay down, 1 to go

It was about this time that the builders (Bellway) contacted us and said that they wanted to fix a completion date for 31st July.

We were very excited and pleased to finally know when we would be moving. Then we thought about it a bit. A few days later we phoned them back and asked them if they were sure! Apparently they were, despite the apparent lack of windows and such. So we've been busy booking vans, packing and telling people our new address. :-)

When we saw it last weekend (1.5 weeks before the completion date set by the builder) it was still missing:- * some bits of the double height bay * kitchen wall units and appliances * paint * flooring (except partial tiling in the kitchen) * patio * turf * garden gate, fence and shed * a gas connection * a vent on the boiler * an outside tap * some guttering * probably other things that we couldn't tell as we couldn't get in to really see!

The builders assure us they will be ready, yet when arranging our pre-occupancy briefing today they asked if we could do it on the day we complete (they are normally done 7-10 days before!). Then they went on to enquire whether we were planning on staying the night on the day of completion!!

We're not worried, no, not at all!

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